Our Mission:

The Living Water Link is a small non-profit making foundation, Christian based and non-governmental. Our main objective is to give practical help to the poor. This remains true for any activity we has, or will engage in, no matter how large, small or where it may

What we do

The foundation strives to give people, who are at or under the minimum subsistence level, the means to improve there situation by themselves, after an initial period of support. Water is one of the first basic needs. A chance on having an earned income and an education are essential for both the short term and for the long term.

Our projects are small-scale, en do require a relative small amount of money. The help we offer directly reaches the people who need it the most.

We work together with local governments and with local communities, but we do not depend on intermediaries.
Furthermore our foundation depends exclusively on volunteers who do not receive payment nor financial benefits in return for their contribution.

Our projects, if successful, will have a positive influence and hopefully stimulate others to organize similar activities.