The Living Waterlink Foundation organizes projects in Africa.
Our urgent request for your support
A way to help poor people in Africa!
We fight poverty, because together we can do it.
  • Support the "Palm Oil" project for women
  • The project "Education" for children.
  • And the "Water" project.
These projects need your support.

Here is how you can help:
Financially:IBAN: NL20 INGB 0004 6598 31
With goods:    +31 104 793 933
   +31 611 088 834
The fight against poverty in the twentieth century is a challenge that we accept gratefully, because it is a good fight. Help us to make someone's life livable. Be part of the force to change a human life in a positive way.

The Living Waterlink Foundation: a way to fight poverty. Together we are strong!
ANBI Status
The Living Waterlink foundation has an official ANBI status.

ANBI status is a legally recognized status, by the Dutch tax authorities. The acronym ANBI stands for "Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling".

This means your donations to The Living Waterlink can be deducted from your taxes, if you comply with the requirements as stated by the Dutch tax authorities.
RSIN/Fiscal number8131.72.937
C.o.C nummer24360621
Phone+31 104 793 933
Our foundation is run by unpaid volunteers.