School Projects
Young people are the future!

In many villages in South East Nigeria children are able to go to school, but lack essential learning materials such as books or stationary.

And what is meant by "sitting in the classroom" in reality just means sitting on the ground under a shed, instead of using tables, chairs and real schoolrooms.
Basic Income
An effective method to help poor people in Africa is to enable them to provide for their own livelyhood.

We help by providing support for people setup their own small businesses.

"Give a man a fish and he will ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and h will eat for a lifetime."
Water Projects
Villagers sometimes have to walk far distances (one hour to and one hour fro) to get water from a river. This water is really unhealthy, but they have to make do with it.

With this project we want to realize a watersupply in the village.

This water is really fresh, consumable and always at hand, which will also promote public health.
Okohia Community Primary School
  • Umumelike Okohia Community Primary School

    Investing in early childhood education gives a child the best chance of making it in life. This is why we are involved in primary schools.

    Fortunately most children in Umumelike Village are able to go to school.

    The Living Water Link is committed to provide the children of Okohia Primary School, 90% if which are devoid of much needed school resources, with the necessary books, stationary and computers.

    Books are not taken home, but remain at school, to prevent then from being lost.

    We are also planning to provide new chairs and tables.

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    After Okohia Primary School we will move into a new public primary school.
The Palm Oil project
  • A palm oil factory for Umumelike village

    In Umumelike village the production of palm oil is done mostly by the women of the village.

    Every family will have a few palmtrees, with which an income can be generated. This requires a lot of manual labor, is very labor-intensive, and often barely generates enough to provide an adequate income.

    The Living Waterlink Foundation has provided a number of machines to setup a small-scale palm oil factory. A huge improvement!

    The women are now able to generate an adequate base income. At the same time they also help other villagers work.


    After the palm oil project we will move on to a new income generating project.
Umumelike village Waterproject
  • A watersupply for Umumelike village

    The Living Water Link is commited to installing an adequate watersupply in Umumelike village.

    Water is not only necessary for drinking, but also for cooking and washing.

    By using a pump as a source of water a huge amount of time can be saved. The presence of clean water can also promote hygiene considerably.

    Being able to pump up the clean water from a depth of about 100 meters requires a strong diesel of electric pump.

    The maintenance of this pump will be done by the villagers themselves.

    (Photos not yet availabe.)

    After this project we will continue with a new water project.